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Homeschooling doesn’t have to be hard

But without the right tools, it can feel like an uphill battle:

Your kids aren’t self-motivated

So you’re constantly trying to keep them on track

You feel overwhelmed

It’s hard to make sure they’re learning it all, by yourself

Family conflict runs high

Your home feels more and more like a battleground

You shouldn’t have to settle for a stressed-out homeschool experience. That’s where the Winter Homeschool Conference comes in—we’re here to help you make it easy.


“I highly recommend this conference to anyone who wants to homeschool. The sessions I attended were inspiring for me and my family."

Jenny Napoli, past attendee


Transform your homeschool experience in one power-packed day

Choose your own schedule of keynotes and breakout sessions


Learn straight from top homeschool experts


We’re building a lineup of leading-edge educators to create breakthrough learning experiences for you and your teens.


Grow your community of like-minded families


With hundreds of families in attendance, you’re bound to make lasting connections throughout the day.


Discover new resources for you and your kids


We’re hand-picking vendors to share meaningful, relevant tools and programs that will level-up the way you homeschool.


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